About CFi


Christian fellowship International popularly know as CFi is the campus outreach arm of Church of God Mission International (CGMi), It was gracefully founded by the renowed Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa – the man of faith.

CFi started in the 1990/1991 academic session at the sports complex of the University of Benin. During the 1991/1992 academic session, Pastor John Bello joined the fellowship and Pastor Odewingie Okundaye was commissioned to start a chapter in Calabar.

Today, you can find a CFi chapter in 62 tertiary institutions across Nigeria

More than just a 


Christian Fellowship International is an inter-denominational youth and campus ministry that welcomes all irrespective of tribe, color, status e.t.c

Our focus is to raise Christian leaders who are sound in spirit, soul and body with the right skill-set to contribute towards national development and growth.

The Vision and Spirit of CFi



To be a 21st-century God-class youth and campus ministry employing cutting-edge technologies and techniques in proclaiming the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


…using God’s love to groom the future today.


To raise effective and efficient Christian leaders and disciples of Christ who are sound in spirit, soul, and body; excelling in their chosen fields (Academics, Professions, Politics, Business, Ministry, Sports, Entertainment, Tourism, Arts and Culture) by deliberate training.

Main Attack

S: Soul Winning
D: Discipleship
L: Leadership Development
A: Academic Excellence

Core Purpose

Enforcing God’s kingdom in our immediate environment, society, the nation and on earth.


The pursuit of excellence

Core Message

The gospel of Jesus Christ.

Core Competence

Ministry Excellence.
Leadership Development.
Youth Empowerment.
National Transformation.

We are driven by our vision, it reflects in our pursuit and endeavors. We are who we are by our spirit and everything we do come from the abundance of what is in our hearts.

The spirit gives life.

C.F.i REAL is an acronym that defines who we are and drives our actions. We are creative people connecting with friends all around the globe who believe that all things are possible.



  • Excellence
  • Talent
  • Aptitude
  • Tactfulness
  • Intelligence


  • Team work
  • Trust
  • Warmth
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Decency
  • Modesty


  • High optimism
  • Innovation
  • Achievement-Oriented
  • Down-to-earthedness
  • No forming
  • Just as you are
On the foundation of Spiritual fervency

Grounded in prayer, God’s word & worship.